KEVA Planks: Take your tower-building experience to the next level

KEVA Planks: Take your tower-building experience to the next level

Third floor

Construct your own wooden masterpiece with KEVA Planks. Blending science with art, KEVA Planks brings out the designer, architect, and engineer in all of us.

Precision-cut, identical construction blocks, KEVA Planks are about ¼-inch thick, ¾-inch wide, and 4 ½-inches long — and they stack with surprising stability, without glue or connectors. Using only gravity, you'll dabble with physics in order to achieve balance, optimum proportion, and a steady structure. Create castles, bridges, trains, and full scenes such as landscapes, farms, or arenas. Use your imagination!

Equally appealing to both children and adults, KEVA Planks require very little instruction and allow you to unleash your inner experimenter. Solve problems and think in three dimensions. You’ll have so much fun enhancing the beauty and size of your project that you won’t even realize that you’re learning. You might even dream up a fantastic design that will one day shape a city’s skyline!

Remember, when you build your work of art, it’s temporary. Another project is right around the corner. After all, KEVA destruction is half the fun!

Join us to create everything from simple stacks to elaborate cities full of towering skyscrapers.

Be inspired, and possibly find your path toward becoming a future engineer, architect, or artist.

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